React Native (iOS & Android) developer

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic and have decent experience as a developer. He will be eager to learn and develop his skills set whilst taking pride in his work.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Design and development of iOS/Android application from scratch;
  • Support of existing iOS/Android applications;
  • Adapt UI on different phones.

Required skills:

  • At least 1+ year React / React Native experience;
  • Basic knowledge of ES6+, Node.js, React and React Native ecosystem;
  • CSS-in-JS basics;
  • Experience with React / React Native UI libraries;
  • Knowledge of mobile databases (SQLite, Realm etc.);
  • Knowledge of REST, JSON, XML, HTTP protocols;
  • Cross-Platform ideas to share code & skills between platforms (WEB, iOS & Android);
  • Experience with GIT;
  • Good English.

Why choose ITIBO:

First of all, we want to note that each project participant receives a percentage of the project.

We also provide the opportunity to work with preferred technologies.

In addition:

  • Cozy office, not open space, located in the city center;
  • Comfortable work environment, 5-7 square meters for each workplace;
  • Business trips abroad;
  • Career possibilities working on a product, not only outsourcing;
  • Minimum bureaucracy and freedom to do your work;
  • Hosting server for your pet-project;
  • The fastest Internet connection in Grodno;
  • English and German lessons, both individual and group;
  • Regular salary reviews based on performance;
  • Paid vacation and sick leave.

ITIBO has a soul. We are well-known for our friendly atmosphere, respectful relationships within the team and an individual approach to each employee.


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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf.